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Our Taekwondo program for children with special needs  is based on
1 - Learn the traditional Taekwondo
The kids learn the basic elements of our sport like the Basic hand technique, Basic block defense and  Basic stance.
And get the next level in our sport the (Taeguk or Forms )  
2 - Weapons Class 

 They learn to use the weapons as a
form of combat imaginaries against several opponents making  movements in different directions.

3-Breaking Technique
The breaking technique teaches them to concentrate all their strength or energy inone goal in which must use his technique to complete the exercise.
4- Total body physical training.

The physical preparation of the body is based on trying to memorize each child and realize alone from one to ten exercises in a continuous circuit of obstacles.
Join Us today  and start enjoying the benefits of
Martial Arts Program
All this program is ready to use in competitions

Welcome to all new  warrios to our team  

Kids with Down syndrome will dramatically improve their coordination with martial arts. If your child or teen has Down
syndrome, you should strongly consider enrolling him or her in martial arts lessons. You might be wondering, "Gee, where do
they offer martial arts instruction for special needs kids?" But thisis the problem: Believing that

just because your child has Down syndrome, he or she absolutely must be segregated from the main stream population
when it comes to physical activities and sports, even martial arts.


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